youth ministry in 2008

i took a look back in 2007 and saw some great things…right now i am praying and focusing on the upcoming year…i have been praying for some time now for increase beyond measure in terms of growth, spiritual depth and lasting effect on students lives. in 2008 we do not want to be considered an average youth ministry…we want to see god move in deeper and more powerful ways.

i find myself every week praying and pressing for an increase in students to walk through our doors and they are coming through. we have had the biggest december (the time when many choose to coast into the new year) on record. the largest single night at crave took place 2 weeks ago and this past week for a non-event (well thats a retarded label-every time we get together its an event) we had a huge crowd – and the altars were filled.i believe when you target prayer toward schools and individuals lives, you will see dramatic things take place in your ministry. if you are in the “ministry” but you don’t look for growth and pray in growth, then you probably need to check you brain at the door and get your heart in contact with god’s. his heart beats for the masses! he died for everyone-not a small group!

so…what’s up for 08- new beginnings! i am praying and pressing more for “unprecedented things to happen in our ministry” these are the exact words i use. today something unprecedented took place at a meeting i had with a local guy. we met at starbucks and ran into all kinds of peeps from calvary….i was approached with an opportunity that was “outside the box.” i went away to our staff prayer and found my prayers wrapped up in a new opportunity to grow. i wont go into details, but its not an orthodox approach to ministry-its outside the box. I realize God does not operate in a box, so when you pray for the “unprecedented” get ready for that to happen. i had to take a trip to orlando to drop some busted equipment off at wells electronics-what a scary place-and my mind and spirit was caught up in a new opportunity…i dreamed alot today!

2008 is a year of new beginnings!


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