emails gone bad

ever email someone and the sprit and intent of the email get totally misunderstood?

Or better yet, certain parts of the information in an email gets totally left out when an email is communicated to a third party…in person but not forwarded?

what am i getting at? well i sent an email to someone to get some issues taken care of…nothing big, but it got totally out of sorts when it was passed on. i have a huge heart for the person that got caught in the middle and felt like i was being dirty…i guess life in this century is like this, we communicate so much through nonverbal and impersonal sources that emails and texts can totally go bad!  i likethe good old south way of talkin to people…lesson learned-email and text are quick but they can easily go bad. 

to all that i have ever emailed or texted before and it seemed heartless…please forgive me. i aint perfect, i am just doing my best to be all that i am supposed to be! 

life lessons learned…


2 thoughts on “emails gone bad

  1. Dude you are so cool. I agree one hundred. I miss understand most of the time. I think it’s the lack of emotion, and tone. I can’t always tell the intent. Personal is better but at the same time emails are great as a back up trail for work items.

  2. i have had similar things happen to me to the point that i had to stop texting and call the person because i was totally miss understood… i would agree that a good old talk is best if possible…

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