a labor of love…


2000 volunteers placed wreathes today at the headstones of fallen soldiers at arlington national cemetery. props go out to every man or woman that has given their very lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we enjoy… i saw a story on this a few years ago and was moved by the heart of one individual…

For the past 15 Decembers, Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Co. in Harrington, has donated wreaths to be laid at headstones in the cemetery.  

Morrill Worcester, the man whose love of Arlington National Cemetery began when he won a trip to Washington as a 12-year-old paperboy for the Bangor Daily News, looked out at the endless rows of gravestones, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of wreaths.
“They came here because they wanted to be here,” he said. “It just shows the importance of what we’re doing.”

He added: “You and I wouldn’t have what we have today without these buried here. Every one of these people is why we are here.”


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