Breaking rules necessary to get ahead, teens say…

This is an article that was clipped and left on my desk this morning…welcome to my world…

Some condone lying, cheating and violence in an ethics survey.

Forget about hard work. Many of today’s teenagers believe they have to lie and cheat to succeed, according to a new ethics survey.

In today’s world, you have to break some rules if you want to stay ahead, according to nearly 40 percent of teenagers who took the 2007 online survey for Junior Achievement and Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, an accounting firm. That means plagiarizing and cheating to make good grades, lying when necessary and stealing when you’re short on cash, the teens said.

cheaters….pro football’s New England Patriots were caught cheating earlier this year and punished for videotaping another team’s hand signals. I can poll our youth ministry or christian school anonymously and ask how many have cheated in the past month and over 1/2 will confess…

a few sad stats…
24 percent of teens said it’s OK to cheat on tests, especially if a personal desire to succeed is the goal.

15 percent said plagiarism was acceptable, with nearly half of those teens justifying it when there’s not enough time to complete an assignment.

47 percent said it was ok to download music…

57 persent said its not fair to fire someone for something they post on myspace or other internet sites.

23 percent said violence toward someone else is acceptable on some level.

ethics…if todays teens are ethically challenged, then the church needs to stand as a light of truth in a dim world of less than ethical behavior.


1 thought on “Breaking rules necessary to get ahead, teens say…

  1. I’d love to see the actual questions on this survey; too many times I’ve seen sensational reports where the results were heavily slanted by spin doctors to suit the needs of the organization releasing the report. That said, I’m sadly not very surprised by this report.

    The rosy point of view has to be that teenagers don’t make very good decisions, on average, mainly due to their lack of experience. The old saying “hire a teenager while they still know everything” applies here, and I expect most of the teens surveyed would answer very differently if re-surveyed in five years or so. So there’s plenty of hope and plenty of room for mentors, teachers, bosses and role models of all types to help today’s teens mature.

    On the other hand, we have way too many examples of bad ethics and generally rotten behavior being tolerated and even rewarded all around us. My favorite example being the afore-mentioned ‘spin doctors’. Perhaps someday in the past it was fairly harmless to polish the apples a little bit, to put a good appearance on things. But today we have legions of folks paid in large part to deliberately mislead the public and/or their employees. It’s so widespread and accepted we all automatically read between the lines to try to ferret out the truth, because we can be sure it’s not laid out in clear terms. Those teens may lack experience to teach them ethics, but they are old enough to intuitively feel the dishonesty that pervades our world today. That is the real battleground for ethics today.

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