last day of school for christmas break…comeon somebody!


last day of school for christmas break-comeon somebody! well thats what a famous preacher i know would say. today was full of emotion. let me explain, i got to work after a late night at of town celebrating dinner at gradmas-well i paid way too much for a meal that i was not thrilled about. that’s another blog.

i was scheduled to drive a bus for our school (CCA) and take high school kids to a nursing home to sing and give out sweets-well i wasn’t needed-can i get a witness! well i shouted over that-then went to prayer and just hung out with God for a while. after prayer i went upstairs-and hit the bathroom before working and ran into a staff pastor-he proceeded to tell me he was transitioning! God is truly up to something at calvary. went to my sons christmas parties and honked down on some christmas treats. in my youngest sons class one of his friends is moving away and they got in a circle and prayed for him! emotions were rolling today. went to lunch with several on staff-i did not realize it was probably our last lunch with our marketing director- he has been a blessing in many ways! sorry to see ya go brewster, but i’m looking forward to see all that god is going to do in your life.

i got a hair cut today and my stylist is going thru some real health issues-he has 3 boys in youth and they are great people. Came home, mowed the yard-which i truly enjoy doing-sounds crazy but its a labor of love, the smell of fresh cut grass, the shredded weeds slung al over by the weed-eater, and the dog poop dropped in my yard by someone’s dog-merry christmas! this is why i don’t have a dog, and people that can’t pick up their own poo shouldn’t either! tonight i am going to a friends house to play halo 3 and then tomorrow i go to prison-not to stay but to preach. its been a day full of emotion…comeonsomebody!


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