a day at the prison

today i woke up and went to the prison to preach 2 services. we bypassed a long line waiting to get in for visits, some weren’t too happy, well i don’t blame them having to come out wait in the cold drizzling rain and for what to see someone that was in prison and be passed by the church.  the chapel was full and christmas was in the air. they sang a few songs and we did some worship and then preached. its hard not to look at these men and not wonder how they ended up in this place. i spoke with one gentlemen that told me he had been in for 11 years and he had 18 months left, then another said he was in for 18 years and had 4 months left. there were men that were young and some that were quite old. it was totally a privilege to bring christmas cheer to those in prison. many made decisions for christ and we closed by praying for their families.

prison ministry thoughts for today…

– don’t press the panic button to see what it does.
– we have a great team that just love to have fun.
– we have a great pastor that runs the ministry.
– conjugal visit…not going there.
– some people in prison are completely scary.
– God shows up in worship and its awesome to be used by him
– when you get home kiss your wife, hug your kids and thank God you aren’t in prison
– the smell from the cafeteria smells like summer camp food.
– the guards said they needed help to shake us down…that didn’t sound right.
– the christmas service in prison is an amazing outreach-i will be back!
– Gods grace is sufficient- the saved really know how to worship!

it was a great day of ministry…i am exhausted from it all.


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