movies, life and family.

today i had the awesome privilege of having my family over for lunch and just hangin out for the holidays. my fam came to church and considering the issues that we all face in life, pastor raley spoke a word into my family. pastor you hit a home run in the spirit today! I believe in 2008 that miracles are on the way.  God i am looking with anticipation for what you will do in my family. new beginnings mean miracles will take place!

so, we prayed and chowed on some bucca di bepo…i love good lasagna.  we chilled out-well played the wii for like an hour and laughed. gave each other a few gifts.  i love to be able to give something to my family.  my niece and nephew have gotten so big-you really don’t know what to get people, so we went  for the fail safe gift card-they were stoked, matthew even scored 2 cards. we ate red velvet cake (why do they call it red velvet-it just looks like red cake with bangin icing) and just hung around talking about movies, life, and family.  national treasure is a must see according to family- the previews for upcoming movies included – dark night, speed racer, rambo, and indiana jones… 

nothing beats hangin out with family. i love my family!


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