merry christmas!

I am taking a few days off from blogging…we are headed to orlando tomorrow to shop, eat at this amazing churrascaria texas de brazil. i got some tix to go to mgm and see some lights and ride star wars…i will be back soon…i plan on leaving my laptop…i think i will have withdrawls, but i will bring my journal. i need to cut myself off from work and focus on family for a few days! i love my job, but i love my family more!

oh yah…whoever egged my house saturday night i found it today and washed it off-well scrubbed the rotten egg off! to you i hope you get lumps of coal in your stocking! HA



1 thought on “merry christmas!

  1. Sorry about all the emails and text. I feel bad for interupting your family time. Your dedication level to God, Family, and the Ministry will always make me stand in awe!! See ya soon. Enjoy your time off.

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