i’m back…

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just got back from spending some much needed time with my family…so what did i do these past few days?  what did i get frustrated with?  what did i learn these past few days?

i’m glad you asked…we went to orlando and hit a mall on the 26th…by noon it was a zoo and the animals were as wrest-less as a tiger out of his cage…not much exaggerating here! retail therapy is fun especially when you can pick up a few great deals as well as take care of the one you love…that’s right i bought my love an amazing pair of jeans and a great purse, she was excited and i felt like a great husband.

we checked into our hotel and found out the entire football team for michigan state was there as well as every booster. it wasn’t bad at all, i ran into one football player that was like 6’7″ and 300 plus pounds-huge mass of a college student. i felt like a wee little man standing next to him.

mgm was the highlight…well there were some incredible lights and the boys love star wars, so we rode this simulator ride a few times…jake was so excited he talked to everyone, climbed everything and when the attendant said you cant eat drink or smoke on the ride, he replied – i don’t smoke…al on the other hand was screaming the whole time the ride went waiving his arms…i had more fun watching my sons than riding the ride. you know i think God really enjoys watching over us. his word says he created us for his good pleasure. so when i get a kick out of my kids enjoying life, i feel like God must really get a kick out of it when we enjoy life. Now that will mess up some people with the theology that we all need to suffer our way into heaven, and be miserable all the way…whatever- it’s not a sin to enjoy life!

if you go to mgm during the holidays be prepared to wait and be run over by foreign people, get cut in line and smell things you don’t really enjoy in long lines. but if you have a great attitude going into it, you will totally enjoy mickey’s fantasmic show, and the osbourne family lights are worth going to see.

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