simple church

i am reading this book and have been stirred up and its the second chapter…if you are a church leader let this stir you some… 

“to be simple is to be great” ralph waldo emerson…

simple church leaders are designers. they design opportunities for spiritual growth.
complex church leaders are programmers. they run ministry programs. 

several complex church leaders (programmers) that were interviewed said that there great amounts of activity were not producing life changes. It only gives the impression that things are happening.  one complex church leader confessed they were NOT seing a spiritual transformation in the lives of people. “we have become content being busy”

2008 – a year of a simple move of God! may we get back to encountering God like the book of acts and see lives transformed for eternity! i am writing out our vision for 2008, setting goals is a big deal! i don’t need to be busy…i need to be deliberate, engaging, hungry, assertive, passionate and just plain simple.



1 thought on “simple church

  1. Amen brother. I am at the end of the book and it is so refreshing to get back to simple and not to compete with all the other churches who are doing way too much! Although the concept of the book is being simple, I have found the way they communicate it is somewhat complex so much so that I feel I need to read it again to get it all. Or maybe I’m just dull. Either way, I believe in the concept of simplicity in the church. Our life style and pace where I live in Southern Cal. is crazy and I don’t think it is conducive to spiritual health let alone physical health. Churches can be guilty of this harsh pace as well and run their people into the ground with a guilt trip to boot. I think we can make it much simplier to grow and disciple christians and not have to create every “felt needs class” to keep them in our churches.
    May the Lord bless you as your read on.

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