new years eve…all night long.

new years eve at calvary is an amazing experience.  we held one service in 2 locations with a video feed in between the two. its not over flow…since we had 2 bands and ran between the venues.  God moved last night at calvary in a big way.  we kicked off 08 and shut the door on 07.  the after party was packed with smiling faces and a little bit of cha cha cha, the singing bee and loads of cake to eat. 

the all night event kicked off in the crave cafe with a local band and then a trip to a bowling alley. 3 bus loads of kids and we didn’t lose any…gotta love it. after bowling, a dodgeball tournament was held and the team known as “pastor steve” won the $100 prize. krispy kreme doughnuts a little pirates of the caribbean and the night faded away. great night with our students that seemed to never end. a hint to anyone attempting an all night event…there will always be a few kids that get dropped off and can’t seem to get there way home, well this night was no exception, so i got to take one of our kids home…no big deal-its all in the calling!

2008…a year of new beginnings!


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