preparing for a hard freeze…

mr freeze is blasting florida…


tonight i put sheets over plants threw out christmas lights (literally) over bushes and got my pool ready for a hard freeze. its 9 pm and its 35 degrees outside…you say no big deal, well its florida and last week i was in the pool swimming and tonight i am putting out sheets to protect plants.  i drove thru my neighborhood and all the old folks that live here have sheets all over he place- some look like they went to great lengths to protect their plants…the younger population is not doing a thing. what’s wrong with this scenario- some are protecting plants like they are living beings others could care less about the atmosphere and its effect on life.  

looks alot like the world we live in…so many just allowing the atmosphere to kill off life, others going to great lengths to save life. thats why jesus came – to preserve life! life is too precious to just allow the atmosphere to destroy it!

bundle up…mr freeze is here and we are in for a cold night in florida!


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