flurrries in florida

this aint florida…but it looks cold!

08′ new beginnings…when was the last time snow flurries were reported in Florida.  this morning i woke up to leave the  house after a cold night and snow flurries were dropping from the sky and sticking to my car.  now, hold, on before you northerners begin to hate on the florida boy, let me dig a little deeper,  i can remember as a kid snow flurries in palm beach florida not much to see but, when i moved to north florida the first winter i thought it would snow. It was for real cold outside and every moring i would wake up looking for snow…no lie. if you are from the great white north you are not amused now…but today for the florida boy it was a great day that started out with a little flurry.  just a little thing to many, but to this boy it was a great way to start a cold winter day in florida-since in 2 days it will be 80 degrees again and i can jump in the pool! now that’s what winter in florida is all about. welcome to the sunshine state- i love this place!


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