i crave vision…


this weekend we had a youth leadership team retreat. we spent a night and a day praying, casting vision and listening to someone speak into our lives. Rick Lorimer came and challenged our team in may ways. i leave this weekend refreshed, excited, frustrated and challenged. now thats a lot of emotion all rolled up together. We have a great team of leaders that serve as volunteers and touch the lives of hundreds students each week. let me explain my emotions…

refreshed- ever go to a convention or training seminar and someone says just what you are thinking and confirms what you already know…yah that happened this weekend.

excited- reading what we put on paper is going to take hard work, but i know our people are up to it, and i feel like we are right on the edge of doing something truly significant.

frustrated- our pastor said this week that energy spent without strategy is a waste of time-now that is a mouthful! i feel like this weekend was a catalyst for crave, and there will be more like it, but (there you go a big BUT always tries to get in the way) there is a real devil that will try his best to defeat strategy. this weekend was BIG…and when you put yourself in the right position, there will always be hinderances…PRESS ON!

challenged- i look at what we are going to do this year (what we talk about at calvary we do) and recognize the challenge. i am up for a good challenge. the minute i lose the edge of challenge is when its time to move onto other things!

in the words of some peeps i know…giddy up!

just a word for anyone that works with students…energy without strategy is a waste of time! don’t waste your time, do something significant…stop making excuses for what you don’t have and start spending energy with strategy and see God show up!

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