what in the world did i wake up to today…woke up and drove the boys to school-christmas break is over and they are excited to get back at it…jake had some new pencils and needed to discard some chewed up pencils-he has a habit of chewing on the pencil!

cooked breakfast-2 eggs over-well with cheese, and a bagel-eaten while i watched ESPN! YES!

spent some time in devotion- i am reading in john now and love the simplicity of the miracles jesus performed.  he spit on the ground made mud and smeared it in the eyes of a blind man! now that kinda miracle is cool…

went to best buy and found myself wandering around looking at tv’s…there is a wall of tv’s…i was in awe of the 60″ plasma that went for like 3 thousand dollars…so i picked up a mini sd reader and went home.

we have christmas decor everywhere…so i started taking down stuff while i watched a few shows.  i took down 2 trees and loads of decor packed it all in the attic, took out the garbage and walked in the house…christmas is now over!  sad-i love the christmas season.

right now i am sitting on the couch typing..listening to a message “crank it up” from new springs church and the boys are playing super paper mario on the wii.

tonight i will sit down and work a little more on my message for wednesday-i am starting a series on the open door-this is all about vision casting.

2008 crave – simple…life changing!


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