setting goals


today we finished a weekend of vision casting and strategizing with our church staff.  there is nothing like being in a room full of dreamers that wont settle for nothing less than success. have a few thoughts on setting goals…

1. keep it simple-too many times we overcomplicate the process and we lose sight of the goal.

2. prayer is the key of setting goals! if you don’t have the mind of God, then how can you know which way you are headed.

3. surround yourself with people that are goal setters. they shoot for the stars and expect nothing less. if you surround yourself with lazy, compromising, passionless people you wont set goals high enough.

4. Goals need to be written down, but if you don’t examine your progress and measure your goals they are worthless words on a page. don’t waste your time…follow thru!

this year i am determined more than ever to be productive and effective in ministry. i told our students this week we were determined now more than ever to see God move in our services. i am determined to accomplish something significant!

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