giving time and talents…

the body of christ is designed in such a way that we are supposed to help one another. life is not always easy and poor decisions are made everyday by all kinds of people. this is why i am so thankful for the body of christ.  you see…there are situations in life that we are not capable of tackling…whether its laying tile, putting down wood floors, paining a house, laying a ton of sod, working on plumbing…yada yada yada…i can do a lot of things around our house like painting, hanging lights, ceiling fans and blinds…but i am not a carpenter or a plumber-i have tried my best at both and have failed miserably. i need help to get it done.

this weekend i spent some time with a group of people (the body of christ) working on someone’s house. we hauled trash, painted, hung fixtures moved furniture, scraped floors and just plain helped out someone in need.  people helping people out in need…now thats what the body was designed for!  i am tired today, but it feels good to simply give!  


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