why do i blog?

reasons why i blog?
1. i believe i have something to say…or close to 100 per day would not read what i write.
2. life is so full of drama…my blog is my thoughts on life.
3. i am a real person with real struggles…i can’t walk on water, so what you read is my way of working out life’s struggles.
4. truth- someone needs to tell it.
5. challenge- someone needs to be challenged in life.
6. focus- blogging helps me focus on life and grasp how God is working in everyday life.
7. influence- reading a good blog can influence the way you process life… 
8. youth ministry- i write alot about what i love to do- youth ministry. 
here are some blogs i read…
i read about 35 other blogs on a regular basis…
if you have a blog and don’t blog, then ask yourself a simple question…why? 

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