car shopping

I went to look at a car today for my wife…drove a beautiful car loaded with navi, backup cam and a ton of features.  it has a feature called parktronic that i had to test out. backing up in a parking space i inched closer to a parked car and lights came on warning me in the back and then a proximity alarm would go off…cool- if you can’t see it in the back up cam the alarm will go off to let you know you are about to cream something in a parking lot.

I couldn’t help but think that the holy Ghost is our parktronic.  He warns us when we attempt to park our lives in the worng places…the only issue is will you listen to the warnings or just slam into something with your life.  you can cause great damage by attempting to park your life and running into stationary objects.  i loved this feature on the vehicle. it’s a great car and an amazing deal (it helps to have family work for a dealership)…who knows later this month we may be sporting a new vehicle to host a new addition to the force clan this year.  

new beginnings for the forces.


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