the “flow” of ministry

today was a good day…what i mean is everything up to this point has had a flow to it.  No surprises, no let downs, no emergencies, nobody died or is in crisis…the day is still not over.  

how do you get a flow in ministry? 3 words, plan, plan, plan.  make a plan follow a plan and execute the plan.  when things are chaos in ministry for us, it tends to be surrounded by issues that are not planned, followed and executed.  i love it when a plan comes together. meetings are not the most exciting parts in ministry, but they are vital to your success.  the best meetings under the son, are the ones where a plan is drawn up and creativity is brought in from different angles to add spice and the execution factor is raised by  the awareness and responsibility in the plan.

this past weekend we had a meeting with our worship guys to discuss our issues and look for new avenues for our worship experience.  we had a few snags last week that brought about the meeting, but after it we have a plan to follow and will be executing it shortly.

this weekend we have a creative meeting to look at our series on relationships coming up…we have some ideas but we are bringing in some people to look at hitting a longer ball on this one.  meetings are essential to the flow of ministry.  get in the flow…plan, plan, plan! 


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