follow thru…

the flow of ministry doesn’t end with an altar call on a service night. follow up and follow thru never end, so in order to create a better flow for ministry there has to be these 2 aspects. follow up is looking back at what happened and adding to the experience, follow thru is executing or finishing strong.  so many fall short, simply because they fail to follow thru.  they leave things undone, they overlook things that need to be done and they ignore things that have to be done. 

i can remember going to a stream as a little boy and dropping rocks on the stream to stop the flow of water, we would pile up as many rocks as possible to stop the flow. the water wold get deeper and deeper with every rock we dropped. one time we built a make shift dam on a ditch that ran thru the neighborhood beside our house. the rain cam and the water stopped flowing so much that it ran into the streets and began to flood the street. this was really not a good idea, so we were coaxed – well told strongly by adults to take down the dam.

when we fail to follow thru its like dropping rocks ion the flow of a stream…the problems and issues get deeper and deeper. the issues of ministry get bigger and bigger and the drama gets down right deep. nuff said about that!

when you don’t follow thru, you stop short of the goal…it’s nothing more than just dropping rocks in the middle of the flow. if you truly want a better flow in ministry, then follow thru. finish strong and execute…don’t overlook the obvious and finish!


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