creating moments that last a lifetime…

woke up this morning late and decided to do something fun with the fam. its a holiday so we took a trip to marineland in flagler county then took a ferry boat ride over to ft. matanzas. what a day. marineland is a great place to check out dolphins without a crowd. we arrived and the trainers started to feed the dolphins-its fun when they are so active. we had a great time creating some family moments. here’s a few pics…


we then went up the road to ft. matanzas where we road a ferry over to an island that the spanish had built a fort on in 1740 to protect them from boats coming in the inlet and sailing up to st. augustine where a huge fort is. the trip is free and the volunteer tour guides are dressed up and ready to give you a great history lesson on florida. we climbed up a small ladder to the roof where you could see for miles. today was all about time with the family creating memories that will last a lifetime. we left knowing these are the things our kids will remember when they have kids. if you are too busy to spend time with your family, then why did you start one? create some moments that will last! heres a few pics from our day!


what a day filled with moments!


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