time…how much do you have?

the older i get…now that’s an old stupid thing to say, but here it goes. the longer i do what i do, the more i see people that are not conscious of a thing called time. you can lose so much time in a day! i look at where i want to go and i know that time can’t be taken lightly. every moment counts! you have this moment right now reading this blog-is it making a difference! if it gets you to think about your time, then it has achieved its purpose. what do you waste time doing in a day? lengthy conversation on rediculous topics , surfing the web, touching junk mail, answering sales calls, day dreaming…

time you can master it or allow it to master you! its 10 pm right now…i spent the last 2 hours working on our wednesday night. i could have waited until office hours (what’s that) and been 2 hours behind racing to get stuff done and been stressed. now don’t feel sorry for me because i did not find enough time in the day to do what i am presently doing. i find that i am more productive under less stress. i left work today not to run 3 miles like 4 of our staff do all the time-i envy that kinda commitment-i left work at 5 pm to run home and mow the yard…i find so much release in working in my yard. the stress of the day is released on picking up the dog poop some dog deposited in my yard and i didn’t use my hands!

here is my thoughts on time: if i plan better i feel better and execute better. so i say shut doors, turn off the tv, put in a set of ear buds and lose yourself in the moment!

am i perfect…no-nobody is…but i am a work that i want to master!

last night i dreamed all night long about a series of messages-thats another blog…


2 thoughts on “time…how much do you have?

  1. nice blog here man…its so true…i can relate with it…my time is always spent on useless and nonsense stuffs…like daydreaming, doing nothing, watching movies, playing computer games…i often get stress when i end up doing nothing about my work when i have all the time in the world to do it…crazy right? hehehe

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