what am i thinkin?

this blog at times revolves around the idea that…i have so many thoughts bouncing around on the inside of my skull, that this is a great avenue for me to let others know what i am thinkin… today i spent like 5 hours on final cut pro for wed night…we have a compel night and i am stoked about the creative idea.

watching xgames on dvr i saw shaun white win gold…he pulled off a 1260 in the driving snow-my thoughts how do you get to the point that you can pull off stuff like that. if my body moved like that something might snap! oh well i just love carving on a snow board.

jake and al are playing wii (rayman raving rabbit) jake just lost his mind…competition in the family seems to be big. our boys compete all the time…everything is a race…nobody likes to lose. it gets really out of hand when they start swingin over a game! well if you have ever played rayman you might understand too. we went for a ride on our bikes around the neighborhood and somebody has to be in the lead! whatever it is somebody is gonna compete over it!

life is oh so good.


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