wednesday night recap…

thoughts after a the storm…well it wasn’t much of a storm…words i would use to describe tonight’s crowd…lively, intuitive, receptive, responsive, mellow, engaging…the service was driven by media in such a way that i designed it to tug at your emotions.  we showed video clips that dragged all kinds of responses out of the crow, the oos, ahs, ouch, gross, wow…it was all in the media…then when they least expected it we hammered them with the images of the crucifixion…it nearly ripped the atmosphere from the room…what was minutes before a jovial happy hearted feeling turned to shock and awe…i think that’s what the message of the cross is all about.  shock that they would treat a human being in such a horrific way, awe of the day Jesus would return!the icing on the cake was 20 lives came to the altar and these 3 girls wept there way to salvation…
hours in front of a computer pulling media together and hours of planning all culminated with lives being transformed at an altar! 

service was good…   


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