one proud parent

today i took my son to the local gamestop to pick out a game for his DS…this was just a little reward for doing so well on his report card. he got straight a’s two night weeks in a row. this makes for “one proud parent”. last year the second grade was such a struggle in a few subjects…he resisted math and his penmanship was quite interesting! He was never a bad student…he just hated math-much like many students today and he was not interested in writing well, he just wanted to get his work done. motivation to do homework is still a chore!

we went to gamestop and he knew what he wanted before he got their… Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders we grabbed the game payed for it before we were off to orlando to shop a bit. nothing beats a road trip like a new ds game…thats what the store manager said when we left. al played that game non stop-he would have played it walking thru the mall, but he would have got lost in the process. parenting is hard work…but the rewards are huge! its never a dull moment in our house!


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