sermon series…

i have 2 weeks of services before we dive into relationships…so here is the direction i believe God is taking us!

February 6, 13 a 2 part series  “wakeup”  we will deal with what lulls so many to sleep and why are so many sleep walking. the word sleep means numb! 

February 20, 27, march 5 – 3 part series “love like this” we are going to deal with serious issues that face students in todays world when it comes to relationships…teenage pregancy (juno), premarital sex, homosexuality, friends with benefits, and more…it should be quite interesting!

creatively we have some great plans we are working on for the series..stay tuned to hear more! i love to preach a series of messages to students it keeps momentum rolling and gives continuity to services…it also gives a definite direction to flow in! i always look at the calendar and plan out series for the best timing and maximize the impact of marketing!


1 thought on “sermon series…

  1. God is telling us all something here–we are starting a series called ‘Love Triangle’ in 3 weeks at Awakening. Naturally it’s all about relationships. Keep sharing truth my friend.

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