grab life by the mane

my devotion today was acts 1-3…the disciples were in an upper room on the day of pentecost and they were all filled with the holy ghost.  the reaction of one man i what caught my attention today.  peter stood up…when people were making fun and a huge crowd gathered because of the commotion…it must have been loud!  can you imagine the guts it took for one man to stand up during pentecost and basically preach a message of hope to the people listening.  so many were confused, so many were in the city to celebrate the feast…but when they left they got more than they bargained for. 

after hearing the message, the word says they were cut to heart! something so strong on the inside tugging at their lives that it cut so deep they they cried out what do we do? i believe this is a question that this generation is asking..”what do we do?” they are confused, frustrated and wandering around wondering what to make of life…sounds hopeless!

the answer is simple “grab life by the mane” when facing a lion called life…don’t run from it…chase it down and conquer it. (2 samuel 23:20-21) we all face lions in life…the question is what will you do with them?

mark batterson has a book called “in a pit with a lion on a snowy day”


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