it seems that almost every blog i have on bloglines had something to say about t he superbowl. so here we go, another mindless blog about the patriots loss…i read some interesting blogs on cheating, eli, the catch, the commercials…the prediction. well here is my point of view-i watched the game with a ton of people on a huge screen in hd-it was to say the least a great game. we ate like more hot wings than the average person should hammer down at one sitting. the crowd responded with every great play-with oos and ahs as tom brady was smacked in the face! you may ask who i was pulling for?  here it goes drum roll please…the miami dolphins! thats right…you got it…i love the dolphins and anyone that would jeopardize the 72 perfect season! so eli manning you are the man!  


quote from bob griese ” “If another team is good enough to go undefeated, more power to them,” says bob griese.  “We will always be the first to have done that, which nobody can take away.” 


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