prison break

picture-14.pngi am a big fan but a little annoyed.  the show was supposed to be a break out of sona (the prison they are in-nice place-no rules, no guards and no escape) we get right to the point when they are going to break out and drama breaks out over who goes first…then it ends right before michael climbs up the ladder. i like the classic moments of michael calling the manufacturer of a generator to get some specs, the honey on a garbage can lid to hold dirt, its like macgyver all over again. i dont care fort-he gretchen lady-she is evil-burning holes in sophia with a cigar to make a point! she is rough…the exchange of 1/2 the coordinates from whistler to gretchen in front of michael, sophia and linc…leaves me to wonder alot about who whistler really is and does he work for the company.the advertising sucked me in to see an escape…but the previews from the next week show a clear escape-they are on the outside folks…but what prison will they wind up in now? 2 shows left and the story continues. gotta love it!


1 thought on “prison break

  1. For real guy… I was annoyed at the end as well. This show is like that rubber band that no matter how long you stretch it out, it won’t ever actually break!

    I think one of the only reasons I still watch it is the solace I find in Brad Bellick being such a wussy and getting owned so much, when he was all over everybody as a prison guard. HA.

    How’s things over there at Calvary?

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