5 years…a new milestone

today i past a milestone…5 years of youth ministry at calvary.  5 years ago we were in a tent in the parking lot, we were small but had so much potential. we were called you turn, but now we are crave. these past 5 years have shaped my life, ministry and passion. i have seen god do so many things. looking back on transitioning from being in a place for 9 and a half years to here…i can truly see that God is preparing us for a bright future.  i can remember being asked by a contemporary what i wanted to do in ministry…i said i want to go somewhere and stay for like 10 years…he laughed! (close to 15 years later i have only worked for 2 pastors-how many can say that?) i was also told by some that were close that i wouldn’t last 5 more years in youth ministry…well here we are.  to all the doubters i have to say…look what the lord has done! i have to say that i am more excited than ever in ministry! the journey of youth ministry has its ups and downs…but i can look back over these past 5 years and see lives truly changed by the hand of God. i just want to be a instrument God can use to touch lives.  

living the dream…one day at a time!


2 thoughts on “5 years…a new milestone

  1. wow i cant believe it has been five years pa… i just wanted to say thank you for being a great leader in my life and helping me through some hard junk in my life thank you for all you taught me about who God really is and wants to be in my life… i can honestly say you helped shape the woman of God i am today… thank you for the opportunity to intern under you this past summer… it changed my life and helped me get to where i am today…your passion for youth and the lost is amazing don’t ever stop this generation needs more people like you in their lives…
    thank you ~ Kelly

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