field trip…

today i drove about 50 – 3rd and forth graders to the super scientific circus.  the event took place at a high school 30 minutes away…now 50 elementary students on a bus with 2 teachers and 4 adults can add to expected chaos.  i think at one point on the bus the noise level was so loud you could not hear the bus engine. it was loud and the windows were open.  the vent was fun and informative…basically 2 guys and an auditorium filled with elementary students and they ran their own sound tracks from the stage as they did a mixture of magic, mime, and simply complete fun, while demonstrating how scientifically things worked from gravity to the speed of light and even t he speed of sound with a bull whip.  i learned several things today…wow i did not expect it. 

the kids were on a hole nother level and we took them to the mall for lunch…120 students in the mall food court. i spent the day with my oldest son, fun times, he laughed went crazy over the show and generally had a great time with his dad! i would not trade these moments for anything. life is busy enough..but when you add the pressure of ministry and success into the ratio it means you have to grab moments like these and make the most. don’t miss the moment with family…your calling will be there, your career will be there, but your kids will grow up before your very eyes and you could regret where it all went!

one thing i learned was spending time with my kids and their friends is a great way to explore their world…how well do you really know your kids?

now that’s a word! no matter how busy you are…don’t lose sight of your family!


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