carried to the gate…

my devotion today…i meditated on 10 powerful verses in the bible. in acts 3:1-10 a crippled man from birth is carried everyday to the same gate to beg from those that went inside for prayer.  today was not an ordinary day-peter and john walked by on this day!

here’s my thoughts…did anyone ever care enough to pray for him before this day?
who carried this guy everyday to the gate?

the people that went to prayer each time knew they would come in contact with this guy…because he was there everyday.  when you see the broken everyday its easy to become numb to their situation.  it’s like the guy on the side of the road with the sign “vet anything will help” we look away not to make eye contact, we hope he wont come over  to the car, we pray the light changes…not very moving!  the first time i saw this…i went to the grocery store and bought some groceries and gave them to the guy on the corner…something inside compelled me to!

the day that peter and john walked by they saw the crippled man-why wouldn’t he look at the people he was begging from, was it so he could beg again and hope they would not recognize him? he was there outside the temple-because of his situation. things change fast when god shows up! he went from begging outside the temple to walking and leaping inside the courts!

will you allow your situation keep you outside the courts?
what will he do the day after? he wont be carried to the gate! he will probably walk right in at the time of prayer. prayer changes things…

1 thought on “carried to the gate…

  1. Great insight! It amazes me that even the people around us who are struggling with things we could help them with but we seldom take the time to ask if we can help. It doesn’t mean we have to be an expert on their issue but the simplest of things, we can pray. Your on it Pastor keep it going.

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