open mouth insert foot!

today i opened my mouth at a fine arts practice and inserted my foot…its not the first time and probably wont be the last.  i know why david asked God to set a watchman over the doors of his mouth. what did i do? well i insuated we need to find a smaller girl for a build, but it was received as a slam on being fat…ouch i am a retard!  they hammered me the rest of the time- oh well i deserve it.  the students i am working on a human video with are just plain fun to be around. we almost dropped a few and crushed a few others…but all in all we are working it out.  this fine arts season is gonna be a blast!   

you may think why write on this…guess why…i am human i haven’t figured out how to walk on water yet-but i know who can by the way the them this year is everywhere! i like it- i am writing a drama for it too!



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