saturate ’08


february 29-march 1 we have a retreat scheduled for a resort in orlando…shawn hennessy is the speaker, some of our college student are doing worship, many of our leaders are going to lead small groups, and on saturday we head off to islands of adventure to ride roller coasters.  this is a great weekend with our students full of opportunities for mentoring and sowing.  i look forward to seeing the fruit that comes from a weekend like this.  there is a lot of work that is put into a weekend like this, but the fruit that comes out of it is what’s worth it all. so at this point we are in the encouraging phase of registering students to get on board.  this is probably one of the most frustrating things in youth ministry. some will jump on board and go to anything you do, some have to see who buys into it before they commit , some have to be asked to go, some have to be convinced they need to go, some even choose not to get on board no matter what you do!  

this is how i view it all…a retreat when done right can and will bring about some of the best fruit you can attain in a group, so we do whatever it takes to get them on board.  we advertise, call, recruit students to encourage one another to go (internal momentum is vital), and i even pay for a few kids way to go-why because at $75 each it’s a burden to some, plus-there’s nothing like finding a few kids that need to go and be a blessing! best $75 dollars i have spent is seeing a students life impacted by a retreat. have i asked you if you are going to saturate 08 yet? if not we got our eye on you!


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