tax time…

oh the joy of figuring out your taxes…i have a system that would annoy some, but works for me when it comes to taxes. last year i did this in march and had to file an extension-this year i need the dough to pay for my property taxes…refund on taxes to pay taxes-do we ever get out of this vicious cycle? its times like this i want to sell my house, move into a cheaper place and get out from under the monkey on my back called debt!
my system…i file everything in order to pull out the bills and figure the amounts i can use for allowances…i have gone over my housing allowance 2 years in a row-you say what does that mean, well i can’t deduct it…so this year i will raise it high enough to account for extras. i still need to tweak the system…i do enter everything in an excel sheet and off it goes to the tax guy. i may use someone else this year-i have been using a guy for some time and it costs more to do them-so in order to save i may be using somebody else. i also have this box on my desk  that we stuff receipts in, i don’t enter them into a program, i enter them in once a year. so tonight i will peruse receipts looking for extra deducts…i gotta get all my doctor bills, meals, entertainment…yada yada yada- i hope thats not a curse word.  just paying caesar what belongs to him!  tax thoughts…


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