oceancenter walk thru…

alive 08…toaday we went to the oceancenter to do a walkthrough for alive 08 our easter service… 


a few thoughts:
-when you are in a building that massive-its totally cool to know that on march 23 it will be buzzing with thousands of people celebrating easter
-what an amazing vision coming true-the first time we tackled this event it was way outside the box…this time the dream is bigger and better!
-the largest venue in volusia county and a church rents it for a service…that’s God!
-it takes true leaders to pull off an event of this magnitude-its bigger than us!
-failure is not an option-not even a thought-an annointed presentation of the gospel brings about life changing results.
-this year is gonna be huge!
-i love to see god do big things!
-souls…souls…its all about reaching people!
-alive 08-the only thing to do on easter!
-this building is used for so many things…love to see it used for God.


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