overbeveraged opinions…


only in america…this is what an overbeveraged and extremely unhappy race fan declared before boarding a tram…it seems he thought he had a better plan than speedway-go figure! everyone seems to have an opinion about everything, but do they have all the information necessary to validate their highly expressed opinions…probably not! 

opinions are important if you honestly have one that makes a difference. i love it when people choose to offer their opinion for things that they really don’t have a lot of information about. we live in such a me centered society that whenever people don’t like the way things are being managed, they feel obligated or empowered to offer their opinion! the world would be a better place if their were less chiefs and more indians-thats what my dad would always say.

james says be quick to listen and slow to speak…when you are slow to speak it gives you time to try to understand…so wisdom for today-overbeveraged race fans don’t have an opinion, they gave that up when they chose to lose their mind. wisdom-comes when you seek first to understand before you speak!


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