what’s love got to do with it?

all day today i looked forward to tonight. yesterday was valentines’ day and i gave my wife a great bottle of perfume…great buy for anyone you love. my wife surprised me with a great gift…but i took it back to get something similar-is there anything wrong with that? nahhhh she had bought it and we were watching celebrity apprentice and a commercial came on and i commented i would just love that…and she replied really…i had no idea what she bought. these last few days have been a blur of planning and fundraising.

so tonight we went to our favorite restaurant in st. augustine. i had a seafood dish empanadas and the 1905 salad. we love the columbia restaurant. if you like great cuban food…you will like this place. we walked around the city with a cup of starbucks and then headed home. tomorrow is gonna be a long day at the track with 40+ students raising some serious dough!

what’s love got to do with it…everything!

love will take you to the ends of the earth just to hang out with someone!

happy valentine’s day!

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