daytona 500…

short night before the daytona 500. this is the last day of our fundraising event and we need 60 people to work. at 6 am we loaded up our bus and headed to the track…its sunday so we prayed with our students and pastor jon shared a word on the bus.  fitting for the speedway-iron sharpens iron-make one another better today…

it was a long day before lunch, so several of us went to olive garden to eat. what an amazing meal of soup salad and breadsticks. on the way there we got a case of NOS (energy drink) given to us…on the way back we picked up 2 more. three cases of energy soda and 8 students spells trouble. i didn’t think to monitor how much they drank-common sense says you don’t drink 5 in a row…but today common sense was thrown out and our students were hopped up on energy soda-one was swinging from the cross bar skipping around the plaza and talking loud to everyone he saw, yet the day before he was a zombie. our tram plaza turned into a war zone of m&m’s and various objects…needless to say next time i will monitor energy drink intake. the day is over and speedweek fundraising has come to a close. praise god!

here’s a few more pics…


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