prison break


prison break…last show of the season aired tonight with an ending that left ya guessing. will michael get locked up in some prison to escape? is it the end of sucre in sona? will link ride off into the sunset with lj and the sofia.  gretchen is still a mean chic now that we know whistler is apart of the company and why would mahone go back to the company? michael rides off with a gun and a passion for vengeance. maybe he is now in his own prison-trying to escape from the anger of vengeance?  have to tune in next season…i felt jilted on this one. a little empty feeling on the ending!

1 thought on “prison break

  1. Al,
    That was such a lame-o ending, wasn’t it? It was so missing a climax. It was even worse than the the season finale of 24 last year. I’m sitting there saying to myself “I don’t even know if there’s going to be a Prison Break next year”. The only feel good part of the finale for me was seeing the little Columbian basketball kid reunited with his family.

    Anyways, hope you had fun at the YP event. Let’s hookup sometime soon.

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