my thoughts on tuesday…its a blurr

tuesday…here’s what’s going thru my head:

1. a day full of meetings…staff meeting, creative meeting, administrative meeting for evolve (a youth pastors conference at calvary).
2. a to do list that could be written on the charmin big roll…ha
3. chapel thursday-need to study!
4. love like this-new series starts tomorrow…sent out the script for the opening drama, worked on the message, power point background-marvin!
5. american idol-some young kids involved in it! i’m thinking if i could have these kids in our youth church we could plug them into fine arts!
6. alive 08 – this will be the jam of all events at calvary. the juices flowed in our creative meeting! i’m totally stoked about this event!
7. evolve- youth pastors conference this weekend at calvary- i am speaking in a super session on the content of youth ministry…it will be challenging!
8. booked a flight for a speaker to come in for saturate our high school retreat.
9. proofed the cover for saturate…
10. iphone-having trouble with custom ring tones-EVAN!

i left with my head spinning. ran home to a great meal made by my wife…i am sitting in front of my tv watching american idol, reading blogs, going over the message for tomorrow night, texting our sitter for evolve (jake requested a sitter to come over-she is so good with our kids)

i think i will pass out in a few and call it a day!

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