wednesday night wrap up

tonight was an intense night at crave…i was praying early in the day and i felt like God was telling me that tonight he was going to do something big!  lookout! i had such a burden for the kids al day and i looked forward to service. we had a plan to start a series called “love like this.” its all about relationships-special music, drama and great illustrations…but God had a better plan.  we stayed in worship for an extended time-it started slow and when we hit the worship time its like a wave swept over the crowd. i could feel God moving in the service. we started praying for kids and it was so real. the crowd was so good and so receptive. at this point it was after 8 pm and i needed to transition the service. we dismissed our middle school and i chose to sit on a stool and talk to our kids from my heart…10 students came to the altar to rededicate there lives!  

needless to say we did not cover any of the material we planned, but God had a better plan. you may think right now if God had a plan, then why didn’t he tell me so i did not have to work so hard on everything else…well my answer is simple. we know this is the direction for the ministry this month, but if God chooses to step in for any reason then we truly don’t want to miss out on what he wants to do. i just want to be led and see him show up in huge ways…

i gotta go to a youth pastors conference tonight- so later on i will give you the skinny on what went on. i have a word for youth pastors in a session called “the content of youth ministry” ministry without the power of God moving is motion without direction!

peace out!


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