evolve…pt 2


great day today…sessions were great and all the workshop speaker hit home in so many ways. its so cool to see youth guys connect on a ministry level. i saw the spark of imagination in so many as the speakers laid out so much practical information and inspiration. i definitely needed this weekend. i got to reconnect with some friends from the past, some friends from the present and even made some new friends. connection in ministry is where its all about. if you were at evolve stay connected. iron sharpens iron and we can make one another better people! i am a better person after this weekend…props go out to johhny, john, and john…wow i only got to attend workshops of guys with the name john-thats messed up!

richard crisco was so practical in his session on the word of god in students lives. its so lame that kids don’t bring it with them…i am going to renew my passion to get them to bring it!

tonight we have a main session and then a round of workshops tomorrow. i look forward to the session tomorrow i am teaching on content! what a privilege to give what god has given…he gave me something for this weekend that has smacked me in the face this week. it’s so good to be challenged by God! hold on ethel its gonna be a ride!

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