evolve…youth leaders conference

first night went out of the park. johhny wilson and his group from mainstream led worship that took us to the throne room and setup the word that was hit out of the park! richard crisco preached a word that we all needed to hear!
here is a few snippets from the message…

– are we building a youth ministry or a club?
– we are getting better at graphics than god.
– jesus was a man accredited by god to do miracles, signs and wonders. so what accredits your ministry? signs…wonders…miracles!
– jesus received hi function from the father
– if we prayed more we would see more!
– jesus was completely dependent on the holy spirit to empower him for works.

these are just a few things i wrote down in my journal…we left that place desiring for miracles, signs and wonders to validate ministry…

probably the most impacting part for me was the challenge to be more anointed…when so many want to be seeker sensitive its time to be truly pentecostal in our approach and delivery!


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