family and ministry…

i had a busy weekend with evolve!  i was so tired i fell asleep after eating lunch with some good friends.  we went to buca di beppo and hammered down some italian spending quality time! its so vital in ministry to connect yourself to people in ministry…i am going to get better connected to some guys in ministry! well back to being tired…i laid on the couch and found myself fast asleep! i had american idol on my dvr and started watching wednesday nights show and fell out…not much excitement in the beginning i guess. well i woke up to my 6 year old asking me to go on a bike ride.  i peeled my old self off the couch put on some shorts and headed out. i talked to so many this weekend that are so busy in ministry.  you can get busy, but is your family expendable.  i will never have the moment with my boys again like the one i had today. i could have laid on the couch, but i chose to kick it with the boys in the neighborhood.  one day they probably wont ask to go for a ride…the one thing i don’t want to do is get so busy that i look back and miss time spent with my kids.  if you are in ministry, then make time for your family!   


side note…my favorite dish at buca is LINGUINE FRUTTI DI MARE…


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