winter in florida…


brrrrr its cold outside!

i love florida…the only white stuff i wanna see is the stuff on a snowboarding trip! its february 23 and in much of the united states people are bundled up freezing there buns off…i am at home with the ac (air conditioning) on and i just got done riding bikes with my boys around the neighborhood in shorts! i worked up a sweat chasing down my 6 year old…no training wheels and he is flying! we finished the ride and 3 of my students rode up to go swimming next door in my neighbors pool! it’s not heated! so…if you are in some dreary cold part of the US wishing for spring…too bad so sad it’s here in florida!

Florida weather…it was a bit cool this morning when i went to the church for the last day of evolve…(65 degrees and drizzling rain) this afternoon it cleared up, the sun came out and it was down right hot (80 degrees) oh what a feeling to be living in florida!



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