saturate 08 update…

on friday we will take close to 80 people on a retreat in orlando.  shawn hennessy is speaking, we are doing worship and have some small group sessions planned.  today i got to preview our book we are printing for students.  i am excited about this retreat.  we have a great band doing worship, quality leaders coming to work and a great group of high school students.  this is probably one of the best things we do in ministry.  it totally pays off in lasting ways for our group.  i feel like God wants to do something big in our students lives!  i have been fasting and praying for a breakthrough-can’t wait to see what takes place.

saturate – its all about soaking up as much as you can! 



1 thought on “saturate 08 update…

  1. Thats cool Al. This is twisted foot Herns. Ill be praying for you guys, I pray all goes well, and the kids come back home changed!! You and Jon rock!! Keep doing what you guys do. Ill be starting a blog soon! I registered! I think on this one, look out for me!! I believe its

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