saturate 08 update…2

youth ministry…get kids  to sign up but does that mean anything?  put out sheets, talk to people and then deal with all the maybes, were going where, saturate what?  yah!  welcome to the world of youth ministry.  its all good.  they are students and about as undecided as anyone else…we enlisted some students to add some positive pressure on others to go!  influence is powerful when its on their level!  well there are a ton signed up and still more to come…overload is what we are praying for, but i think my overload is just dealing with all the drama pre trip.  day 3 of the fast is going well.  god is going to do something big! i can feel it!  i went to lunch not to eat but see kids…they ate meatloaf and mash potatoes and gravy! it was hard but all i got was a good smell.  

saturate 08…its rolling full speed ahead!


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