wednesday night mind dump!

a mind dump…after crave!

– crowd was good and very responsive. (we push close to 300 week after week-gotta break the ceiling)
– video dept came over and shot a welcome for easter.
– set up-can you say community service-they didn’t show till late so i got some exercise.
– i have some kids with serious issues-they are going thru some tough stuff!
– drama went off well-conveyed the message quite well!
– band played a natasha bedingfield piece – love like this! props go out to ronnie & pastor jen it was really good.
– altar call – several responded…one broke down in tears!
– closing altar call was real connection time.
– after service counseling was regular-i had a line of kids-some serious-one just wanted a hug! hugs are free!
– clean up – a ton of stuff was left out – so i put away all the details- i just cant handle leaving stuff undone!
– volunteer students like to dump and run! (community service kids)
– steak and shake after chruch to break a fast…greasy, fries taste like cardboard…i’m gonna pay for that in the am
– training-never ending job to continue to train people to serve in the ministry!
– angelo hopping around the back-nuff said!
– wednesday is such a long day!
– i am gonna sleep good!

peace out!

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